How to enable PowerShell Scripting in SCCM 1706

With SCCM 1706 now available generally admins are probably interested in utilising the new Powershell script run actions. I tried to use it and couldn’t find it so did some digging and turns out to do so you need to actually turn it on. It is still considered a “pre-release” feature.

If you haven’t got build 1706 showing up yet run this script to help encourage it to become available.

How to opt in and activate this feature

  1. Open SCCM console
  2. Navigate to Administration > Site Configuration > Sites
  3. Highlight your site and then click on Hierarchy settings in the ribbon
  4. In the Properties box, check the “Consent to use pre-release features” box
    1. In the same box un-check the “Do not allow script authors to approve their own scripts” (for now)
  5. Go to Administration > Updates and Servicing > Features and highlight “Create and run scripts” then click Turn On in the ribbon
  6. Click yes to the replication warning
  7. Restart the console
  8. That’s it, now you will have a new scripts extension in Software Library.

I will look at use cases for this in another post.



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